Lot Design/Consulting

Considerable thought and care should be taken in the design and layout of a family plot, mindfully balancing different concerns -- the desire to utilize the highest quality materials and techniques with cost, location (landscape, what other monuments are around it), size requirements and/or limitations that impact the final monument configuration, and other considerations. We have extensive experience in all aspects of lot design, and work with families to come up with a lot design that achieves just the right balance.

Photo of carving being done
Photo of lot design

Custom Lettering and Logo Engraving (into Stone or Concrete)

Robbins Monuments provides custom engraving of letters and images into a variety of stone — granite, limestone, slate, concrete (white, colored, gray), ceramic bricks, large round river rocks and other materials.


Robbins Monuments offers basic sandblasting on a wide variety of materials, usually intended to remove rust, paint (non-lead), and other surface materials.

We sandblast yard furniture and gardening equipment, automotive parts, architectural components such as vintage metal fencing and decorative ironwork, industrial items and virtually anything else that needs a deep sandblasted cleaning.

Can be performed both in our shop and on-site. Call for a price quote.