Monuments (also known as "headstones" and "tombstones") are designed to stand upright, and usually consist of two pieces - an upright granite stone (known as the "die" or "tablet") placed on top of a slightly wider granite base. Monuments come in just about any width and height and memorialize both individuals and families / groups. Read more...

Beyond the upright die and base, additional granite layers can be added ("sub-base", "plinth" and others) for improved design and additional height; a variety of granite vases can also be added. Porcelain ceramic photos, bronze medallions and metal (usually cast bronze) lettering can also be incorporated into the etching to accomplish a higher level of design.

Scroll through our gallery of monuments below for images and descriptions of headstones and tombstones in both individual and family settings that we consider to be excellent examples of what is possible. These are designs that we consider to be some of the best to be found in our local cemeteries. Our goal with this collection of photos is to spark creativity and encourage depth in ourselves and the families we serve and to help us make good design choices together as we design and build the memorial.


Typically a 2ft wide tablet on a 3ft wide base, our individual monuments combine classic upright headstone designs with thoughtfully composed text and art to create a fitting memorial.


Memorializing two people, a companion monument usually covers two plots, and is usually from 3' to 6' in total width. Granite vases are often placed at the ends for added solidity and interest, and bases often feature a polished margin around the top. The large size allows for deeper letter cutting and allows more stately hand-chiseled "V-sunk" letters to stand out.

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Large Family (Multiple Plots) Memorials

Family memorials often set one large monument with last names engraved in bold, thick hand-finished "V-sunk" letters, and often ornate, hand-shaped artwork. Individual granite or bronze-on-granite markers, or half- and full-ledgers, are often used with large family monuments to mark individual graves.

Slant Monuments

Slant monuments have an upright slant shape, thicker at bottom tapering to usually ~ 2" width at the top. A rectangular base is commonly added but the slant marker can stand alone (without base), and can be used as an individual or companion.

Photo of slant sample
Blue Pearl Slant Monument
Georgia Gray Slant Monument