Mausoleums and Columbariums

With more families selecting cremation, Robbins Monuments uses its design focus to help families create custom mausoleums and columbariums that incorporate cremation niches as well as above ground burial crypts. Beyond granite selection and finish choices, a mausoleum or columbarium's overall architectural features must be balanced with space/location, cost and other considerations -- we are experts at finding just this right balance. We communicate effectively with our customers through the use of architect-quality 3 dimensional graphic images to best show what the finished mausoleum or columbarium will look like when completed.


Creating a personal, private space for reflection, walk-in mausoleums allow family members an enclosed alcove protected from the elements. The mausoleum's granite structure combines with colorful stained glass clerestory windows and stately bronze metal work (doors, windows and other fixtures), creating a tasteful family mausoleum large enough to accommodate more than a dozen crypts (above-ground full casket interments), and can be additionally configured with cremation niches for additional placements. A well-designed and constructed mausoleum allows the preservation of the family legacy while eliminating the need for children and grandchildren to make additional memorial arrangements.

Beyond the tasteful aesthetic features, our mausoleums are constructed and installed according to industry standard specifications: all structural joints are anchored, epoxied and sealed with architectural silicone adhesives for permanent bonding and waterproofing. Many pre-assembled mausoleums use one piece of solid granite on bases, eliminating stress due to ground settlement.


Appropriate for placement of cremation remains, a columbarium can accommodate from two individual cremation remains (each placed in a "niche") to larger, community-sized columbariums that can accommodate dozens of cremation remains. Columbariums are often constructed using two types or shades of granite -- a lighter shade (gray, mahogany that has been honed to lighted the color texture) for the large, exterior portions of the columbarium, with a darker granite type or shade (black, dark polished mahogany) for the doors of the individual niches. The niche doors are where names, dates, inscriptions and images are usually placed. Columbariums often incorporate vases and/or statuary (marble, granite, or bronze), as well elaborate shaped-carved granite images and text, for enhanced design. Call us to discuss our many options for mausoleums and columbariums.