Additional Products


Granite benches can be placed along with a monument or marker to provide visitors to the cemetery with a place for quiet reflection, or can be set as a stand-alone monument. Benches provide wonderful opportunities for engraving text and images on the many suitable surfaces of the bench.


Vases are an attractive addition to any granite headstone, monument or marker, and come in both granite and bronze. Vases can be incorporated into the monument or marker, or can be installed as a separate, stand-alone piece with a granite base.





Memory Bricks

Memory Bricks are a popular fundraising concept that recognizes donors in a permanent way. Bricks can be engraved both in our shop and on-site, using either bricks supplied by the customer or those supplied by Robbins Monuments. On-site engraving is a time-consuming process and is subject to minimum quantities.

Idyllic Heights-area elementary school setting for memory brick walkway
Herringbone pattern layout of memory bricks

Pet Markers

A permanent engraving is a wonderful way to memorialize a beloved pet, and is something that Robbins Monuments has done using a variety of different materials, including granite, rock and boulders.